Reut Traum - Artist Statement

Reut Traum is a Visual artist Born in 1988, based in Jerusalem, Israel. Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and design, Jerusalem.


In Traum’s drawings There’s a sense of inadequacy of the internal and external, a gap between the experience of the psyche and the presence of the body. She creates images of impossible women, that tears apart over beauty standards, idealism and their bodies limitations. Through her meticulous drawings, using fine and elegant lines, she depicts feminine characters in a state of agony and in struggle of self acceptance and fulfillment.

(by Doria Sharra, Art Critique).


Traum’s works were presented at B.Y5 Gallery and Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center at Tel-Aviv and in Upstream Gallery, NYC in the USA.

In 2017 she created a co-exhibition named- “A lot of Flesh, A lot of air”, at the Beita Gallery in Jerusalem, together with her Partner Barak Twito.


Traum Initiated a pop-up portable Gallery, which promoted and exhibited young emerging artists from Jerusalem. “Zmanit Gallery”- Supported by the Department of Visual Arts of the Jerusalem Municipality and the New Spirit Foundation.

Reut Traum - CV

2015   Summer course in Pyrex Blowing, Master Simone Crestani, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem.
2008-2012   B.FA, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem. Graduated from the Department of Ceramics &
Glass Design. Excellence Award for Final Project, 2012.

Selected Exhibitions
2022 Online group exhibition on Body Image, curators: Adi Choen and Daniel Diament.
2020   Rhythm of The Blue, International Online Exhibition. Curator: Einat Moglad. Emergent Art Space Website.
2019   Kvutzatit, Curator: Talia Tokatly, B.Y5 Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2018   Peeking, Curator: Yehuda Rahnayev, Central Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2017   1D/2D/3D, Curator: Nir Haramat.  B.Y5 Gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2017   Topsy Turvy, Benyamini Center for Contemporary Ceramics, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Irena Gordon.
2017   A Lot of Flesh a Lot of Air, Joint exhibition with Barak Twito, Beita Gallery, Jerusalem.
2016   ARTMIZPE, Mizpe Gallery, Mizpe-Ramon. Curator: Boas Toorgeman.
2015   PaperWorks, Upstream Gallery, NYC.
2013   Calcalist Promising Artists of 2013, Calcalist – Daily business Newspaper Headquarters, Tel Aviv.

2016-2017   Hamartef Artist Residency for Visual Arts at Alliance House, Jerusalem.
2013-2015   Artists and Designers in the city, funded studio spaces for emerging artists and designers, Municipality of Jerusalem.

Awards and Scholarships
2015   New Spirit Foundation Scholarship for urban artistic activity in Jerusalem.
2012   The Deborah Blumenthal Prize For Outstanding Final Projects, The Department of Ceramic and Glass Design, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design , Jerusalem.

2022   Drawings for the articles: “Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Patients approaching Plastic surgeries”, By Adi Choen, Daniel Diament.
And for: “On Body image in Chronic pain treatment”, by Adi Cohen.
2017   Leather Hard, Doria Sharra, Erev Rav Online Magazine for Contemporary Art.
2016   Zmanit Gallery: A Voice for Emerging Artists, Sybil Kaplan, I Travel Jerusalem Online Magazine.
2014   1000 Beads Book (500 series), Kristina Logan, Lark Publications.

Special Projects
2015-2016   Zmanit Gallery, A Portable Gallery Initiative in Jerusalem, co founded and curated with Barak Twito.
The gallery held 5 exhibitions in public spaces in Jerusalem and received support from the Department
of Visual Art of the Jerusalem Municipality and the New Spirit Foundation.