Glass Works

These glass sculptures were made in a technique called – Lampworking or Flamework, using a flame torch and rods of Italian glass- Borosilicate Glass and Moretti Glass.

Most of the glass works were made between the years 2012-2015. 

In my Graduation final exhibition, I presented a series of Glass Sculptures called: “Movement Notation”. Here’s a poem I wrote, that was a part of the exhibition:

Words searching for themselves through the glass,

The flexibility of the glass creates a letter,

its fragility – a word,

Motion is captured in the glass,

Creating a sentence.

I received an Excellence Award for Final Project, with my graduation in 2012, From Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, the Department of Ceramics & Glass Design.

After graduation I owned a tiny studio in the center of Jerusalem where I continued working with glass and created glass sculptures and Jewelry designs.

After several years there, I continued on and developed my drawing passion, which became my main focus today.


The glass works were presented in exhibitions in Israel and are part of private collections around the world.